Retired Members of Sakura Samurai _________________________________ > ShÄde シェード (Ali Diamond @endingwithali) =========================================== Bio: In literature and poetry, a shade is the spirit or ghost of a dead person, residing in the underworld. In definition, shade takes the form of a shelter from light, shadows that gather in the darkness, or a subtle, sneering expression of contempt or disqust for someone or something. Make no mistake, Ali earned the nickname ShÄde not out of malice - but due to her highly intellectual observations, throwing shade in such a way that's both funny and educational. In addition, like shade, Ali is the cool-spot from the sun - a much needed darkness. As a Software Engineer she's developed and open sourced many tools, and undoubtedly will become an expert in the art of exploitation. _____________________________________________ Known for: N/A ============================================= > Arctic 北極 (Nick @tensor_bodega) ============================================= Bio: Arctic is the Co-Founder of Sakura Samurai. He earned his nickname due to his icy cold demeanor. Arctic is the last sole-survior of the original group in which the call sign was earned. Machine Learning Engineer by day, security researcher by night, Arctic believes that the role of hacking is to make the world a better place. _____________________________________________ Known for: United Nations Hacks ============================================= > Sick.Codes 病気のコード (@sickcodes) ============================================= Bio: Lover of serial numbers, the shell, and automating absolutely everything. Sick Codes was born out of a random idea to store his code on the net. He now wreaks good faith havoc on companies & codebase that like to flatter themselves. If Sick Codes is emailing your engineering team, there is something seriously ill with your code. Git master and Docker connoisseur. 2x back-to-back trending repos. No attack vector is out of the question. His hardware hacking skills are impeccable and his ability to see beyond the surface is exactly what makes him a Shogun of the highest regard. _____________________________________________ Known for: IP Address Parsing CVEs, Signal Hacks ================================================= > Kirtaner キルタナー (Aubrey Cottle @Kirtaner) ================================================= Bio: Kirtaner has been steeped in the scene and culture since before he was in grade school. Given his own dialup modem and dedicated phone line at the age of 7, the Internet would eventually never be the same again. Kirtaner earned his nickname because he spent an awful amount of time buying garbage from 'Wirt' in Diablo I. The ultimate all-rounder and capable of absorbing new skills at an astonishing pace. The Founder of Anonymous; occasionally dabbling in the art of Ethical Research and Disclosure, but nonetheless - He is legion. _____________________________________________ Known for: United Nations Hacks, Indian Government Hacks, Keybase Hack, Ford Hack ============================================= > Kanshi 監視 (Jackson Henry @JacksonHHax) ============================================= Bio: Henry earned the nickname "Kanshi" due to his love for reconnaissance. The word Kanshi in Japanese means many things: depending on context it can mean surveillance, observation or inspection. Quick on his feet, he is an expert at the information gathering stage of security research, many times leading to severe vulnerabilities without any additional exploitation required. Henry is the youngest member of the team - joining Sakura Samurai at 15 years old. _____________________________________________ Known for: United Nations Hacks, Indian Government Hacks, Keybase Hack, Apache Velocity XSS, Fermilab Hack, Ford Hack, State Department Hack, National Science Foundation Hack ============================================= > Mr. Hacking 氏。ハッキング (John Jackson @johnjhacking) ============================================= Bio: John Jackson is the Founder of Sakura Samurai. His nickname is Mr. Hacking, originally Buzzkill, he was inadvertantly given the nickname. Intially when he got his start as a hacker, he chose to go by "John J Hacking". On social media and elsewhere, his "hacking name" is known as @johnjhacking, which resulted in confused newcomers calling Jackson "Mr. Hacking". Ironically, the name stuck when Google also became confused about his nickname. Jackson is a rounded hacker, dabbling in all arts. _____________________________________________ Known for: United Nations Hacks, Indian Government Hacks, Keybase Hacks, Fermilab Hack, Ford Hack, State Department Hack, National Science Foundation Hack, IP Address Parsing CVEs, Signal Hacks, Military Training Operations [Redacted], Government Ops [Redacted], ez-IRZ router exploit & dozens of various standalone vulns. ============================================= > Kaoudis 海水 (Kelly Kaoudis @kaoudis) ============================================= Bio: Kaoudis' handle is simply her last name, honoring where she comes from. A most admirable software engineer, she both writes and shreds code in good faith. A dangerous and creative foe, and a highly capable ally - she is an adept hacker. _____________________________________________ Known for: IP Address Parsing CVEs, Signal Hacks